Wrestlerish Sleep

Get the fans to make the
video themselves 

The challenge


Wrestlerish, an up-and-coming local alternative country band, wanted to reach as many of their fans as possible with their new music video, but had a very limited budget. So how could we connect them with their fans without breaking the bank?


The approach


We decided to create the video through crowdsourcing; getting the fans to interact with the band in a brand-new way by making the video themselves. We created a website where fans could download a frame, take their own picture holding that frame and upload their photo to the website again. 



These photos were strung together to form a stop-motion performance video framed by the fans holding the frames. The outcome; 921 fans holding the performance part of the video in their hands.


The impact


921 fans – reached through Facebook, Twitter and other digital and social media platforms – participated in making the video. In its first week on YouTube, the video became the 4th most watched video in South Africa and made the YouTube homepage as a featured video. On the day of its release, the video was among the top 30 YouTube videos discussed on Twitter.





  • Digital Campaign

  • Microsite Design

  • Copywriting

  • Social Media Campaign

  • AV Production