Business success can now be designed   

Ever wonder how some companies manage to succeed – no matter what changes around them? The answer is simple. It’s all about knowing what your business promise is, and using technology and innovation to deliver on it.  


“When you walk in distinction, you don’t compete with anyone...” 

Onyi Anyado


We believe that the promise is the single most important aspect of your brand. It allows you to align all your stakeholders and enhance your offering and customer experience. When your brand is geared towards a singular goal, then you will be guaranteed business success.

The WHIPPET is an example of a brand that we created with our REIMAGINE approach.


Not only did we create a brand and a physical coffee shop, we also helped uplift an economic hub in the area of Linden, Johannesburg. 

“People don’t want something to buy, they want something to buy into.”

Marion Low, ETIKET  

Your whole company needs to be distinctive, not only the product or service you sell. 

The most successful companies don’t differentiate themselves merely on their products, services or brands; instead, they focus on creating an organisation that is so distinctive to all its stakeholders that it can create many products, services and brands, each more compelling than the next.

And this is what the Reimagine Toolkit offers. Within the ambit of business design, the Toolkit help organisations through a facilitated process to create a framework that crystalises the business’ most salient features and allow the company to manage its distinctiveness both internally and externally. In other words, it crystalises the “something” people want to buy into.

Create a framework that help organisations to focus innovation so it 

can contribute to distinctiveness.

Gain better understanding of the business and brand’s salient points.

The Reimagine Toolkit helps companies:

Create alignment between internal and external stakeholders.

Create a framework to build brand distinctiveness in consumers’ minds.

Create a framework that aligns talent management, internal communication, and company culture to 

building uniqueness.

Create a framework that aligns and standardises all brand communication messages so it contributes to the 

brand’s saliency.

Our NAME is 


It says what we do.

We often get asked: "Why would you call a company ETIKET?" What does it mean? The short answer is that the word "ETIKET" has two definitions.


We see it as two parts to our story.

1. We create or evolve brands

in context


ETIKET | Label:

A sticker or tag that is a factual collection of information written in a language that is understood by its target market. Often loved and bought because of its story (Narrative), the context in which it is told, and the belief as a result of that. 

2. We inspire behaviour


ETIKET | Etiquette:

The customs or rules governing behaviour regarded as correct or acceptable in social or daily life. It can also refer to conventional but unwritten code of practice, followed by members of certain professions or groups: 


e.g. Business etiquette.

We build belief 

through narrative

This is how we create REIMAGINED brands. 

We believe that in order to be relevant, a brand needs to build belief through narrative by placing focus on:


1. Creating or evolving the brand in context: A brand should be understood, loved, and bought because people believe in it! This belief can only be created by telling a brand's story in context. 


2. Inspiring action: To create belief requires action. That’s why we create campaigns which inspire people to act.