The most common challenge design and advertising companies currently face is the gap between tertiary education and the workplace. Most companies are looking for people with experience, people who can hit the ground running. That is why a lot of graduates end up unemployed for a very long time or working in career fields that they did not study for.

Faced with this challenge, ETIKET took to a problem-solving approach and created something to fill the gap. Thus, a creative academy was born.

Sum of 21

Sum of 21 is ETIKET’s internship and learnership training academy and is home to graduates within the fields of design, art direction, brand management, strategy, client service, and many more. Here, a team of creative souls have come together to function as a mini agency within the larger company.

The purpose is to provide the creatives with the knowledge and relevant work experience needed to prepare them for careers in the creative industry. They are also provided with constant learning, support, mentoring and all other necessary experience that will ensure that they are well-equipped and ready for bigger jobs in the advertising space.

“In my search for a job, I realised that most companies required experience that I don’t have,” says Chris Mojewa, an intern at Sum of 21. “I decided to come to Sum of 21 to learn and sharpen my skills. This opportunity will benefit me in many ways as I will not only be learning graphic design, but also gaining experience in other fields.”

How Sum of 21 grows these souls

Sum of 21 academy’s aim is to bridge the gap that is widening between tertiary education and the workplace. The academy has started with only eight interns last year in August 2016. This year (2017), the 12-month programme boasts 20 interns.

Through the programme, you will gain exposure to real problems and issues that your studies cannot prepare you for. You can expand your personal growth through exposure to different job opportunities, whilst increasing self-confidence in the workplace and developing -a vast network of associates. Sum of 21 also gives you hands-on opportunities to work with equipment, technology or other resources that might not have been available to you during your studies. Finally, -once you’ve completed your internship, you will have a credible record to show to potential employers.

While learning at Sum of 21, the interns are also given real projects from real clients to run. Through constant learning, mentoring and support, we know that we are well-equipped and ready for bigger jobs in the advertising industry.

“I will leave Sum of 21 knowing how to work in the corporate world, with great experience to back it up. This will definitely open doors for me in the future.” – Tumi Manala, intern at Sum of 21.

Visit the below links to see the inspiring work done by Sum of 21, and to find out how we can benefit your business.

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