Maroela Media takes it to the trendy side

With the Afrikaans-speaking community changing drastically as millennials and generation Xers become the pioneers for the future of the language, it means that Afrikaans marketing should change with it. Sum of 21 is a school for creative souls, bursting with different generations of thinkers that bring a fresh new feel to every project they work on. Naturally, when Maroela Media approached ETIKET with the opportunity to create hoodies for their online store, Sum of 21 was the perfect fit.

Maroela Media is an online website that offers news, entertainment, sports, recipes and more – all in Afrikaans. It also boasts an online store where different types of Afrikaans products are sold such as t-shirts, cups, bags, doormats, books, CDs and DVDs. The online store is a popular shopping destination for the community, and when Maroela Media decided to add hoodies to their products, they came to ETIKET for some design magic.

With the hoodies, Maroela Media hopes to attract more Afrikaans-speaking youth, and so the Sum of 21 (SO21) team was tasked to come up with innovative and unique designs. They wanted "cool" and trendy designs that the Afrikaans community would find interesting and fun to wear.

This was a challenge for the SO21 interns as most of the designers who had to come up with the hoodie designs do not speak – or even understand – Afrikaans. This gave them the opportunity to get to know another culture and to delve into the psyche of the Afrikaans community. Inspired by unique Afrikaans sayings, other brands, farms, computer art, human features, nature, games, and of course the Maroela Media logo, the SO21 interns came up with amazing hoodie designs with a bit of humor sewn into the seams.

Maroela Media loved the end-results that the interns presented to them. They are excited about using the designs and are confident that they will work in attracting their target market. ETIKET is extremely proud of the interns for doing exceptional work, and we are eagerly awaiting the big unveiling from Maroela Media.

See authentic Afrikaans apparel on Maroela's website or Facebook page.

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