ETIKET internship: A dream for others, a reality for me.

We can all remember our first day as an intern. The moment you open those big glass doors, you step into an unknown world, a world where they take the term ’adapt or die’ and ‘the strongest will survive’ quite literally. A world where if you don’t jump on that moving train, you might never get the chance again.

On my first day at ETIKET, I couldn’t get through those big glass doors. When I finally got enough courage to go in, I felt like a lost puppy at a kennel, waiting for someone to come and claim me. And then I was given the most delightful coffee and a smiling face came and took me to my new ‘home’.

Back in the day, if you were an intern, you were definitely seen as a waste of space and time. You were there to bring coffee and do small unnecessary jobs for the important people. You were never noticed and barely got the opportunity to grow and learn something useful.

In some businesses you are seen as nothing more than an oxygen thief, but that is not the case here. At ETIKET, you are seen as a valuable asset, as part of the team. Here you are surrounded by an atmosphere of innovation and passion. Each employee is focused on where they need to be and is driven to get there. I am one of the lucky interns that get to say that I am not just seen as someone taking up space in a chair, I am actually seen and given opportunities to grow and learn. There are moments when I am shocked at what they trust me to do, as if they see something in me that I myself haven’t discovered yet. Sometimes I actually know what they are talking about, and can add some value to the discussion. Other times I feel like I have been transported to another country and they’re speaking a foreign language. One thing I can say for certain is that I learn something new every day.

Although I have been here a while, my nerves still act up each morning when I get up for work, knowing that each day has its own challenges. I guess my reason for this is that interns of today are often seen as a unnecessary, wasted space – young blood caught up in social media. From an intern’s point of view, the corporate world is overwhelming and intimidating, a world where you feel you don’t belong – at first. But as soon as you get to know the people and how the systems work, it no longer feels like you’re playing an extra in Lost, you have finally found the plane and are on your way to success.

The ETIKET logo is black and white, for me the starting point of all things creative. It reminds me of an empty canvas, an opportunity to provide colour to the lives and brands of others. The passion and drive of the employees are what gives it colour and the name itself describes what they are all about and the standards they choose to work by. My goal is that when I leave here, I am fully and creatively coloured and can add some of this creative colour to other empty canvasses.

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