The challenge


When the iPhone 5 was released in 2013, our job was to create enough Samsung hype to drown out the iPhone noise. The question was – how do you do that with the Samsung GALAXY S4, a smartphone that had been launched much earlier that year?


The approach


Samsung is known for having a wide range of smartphones, designed to suit the lifestyles of many people. However, getting the right phone to the right person can be problematic.


With Share the Love, we let our fans fit the right phones with the right friends. All we had to do was link each phone to a very specific personality based on its features, because who knows their friends better – us or them?


The impact


The campaign trended for 10 consecutive days on Twitter, making it the most tweeted brand campaign in South Africa in the fourth quarter of 2013. Some posts received 10 000 interactions per day, creating a lot of hype for Samsung and the GALAXY S4.





  • Brand Design

  • Brand Strategy

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  • Copy Writing

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Digital Campaign