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Piet then posted these videos to his blog ‘’ for the whole world to enjoy. Soon an army of viewers were tuning in daily to watch the lovely Sonja, Sondag reported on the scandal, and Piet was bombarded with everything from endless cheers for more to a “Stop Siek Piet” Facebook group in an effort to put a stop to his exploits.


The impact


The site became one of the top 1300th largest sites in South Africa, with over 900 000 hits and using over 150GB of bandwidth in just a couple of weeks. In the end, Sonja became famous among Sondag readers and has a bright future ahead of her.



The challenge


Sondag, a South African tabloid style weekend newspaper, discovered a gorgeous but unknown girl they wanted to use as a brand ambassador. We needed to make her famous and give her a fan base for them to utilise, but how do you make someone famous in only three weeks, in Afrikaans? 


The approach


Well, by using a scandalous campaign worthy of a British-style tabloid. We gave Sonja, our ambassador girl, a fictional neighbour named Piet Bester with a bit of a perverted streak, spying on and filming her while going about her daily business in what she deems appropriate attire.