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We often get asked: “Why would you call

a company ETIKET?” What does it mean? The short answer is that the word “ETIKET” has two definitions.

We see it as two parts to our story.

1. We create or evolve brands in context


ETIKET = Label

We create labels or brands (that includes everything from logos to packaging, websites to interior design) that add value or meaning to your business, product, or service so that it can be noticed or recognised and, ultimately, sold to your target market.

2. We inspire action


ETIKET = Desired behaviour

We create campaigns to prompt the relevant desired behavior or reaction from the target market, whether it is brand love, engagement, or a sales lead.





We love progress, it makes us happy!


The ETIKET colours and font





This is how we create REIMAGINED brands 

We create Acts

not Ads 






Every business


We get excited about the small things


The ETIKET business cards


As a tradition every year we invite our top creatives to design the back of our business cards. This is an honour as these artworks are a representation of our commitment to the art of REIMAGINE.




Every letter

contributes to meaning

Make every word feel special


The ETIKET letterhead




Our presentation 

Slide by slide


Our Powerpoint 





The first


Make it spectacular!


The ETIKET profile




+27 (0)12 345 5650 |

71 Regency Drive, R21 Corporate Park, Irene, Pretoria

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