FNB Franchise Summit

Disrupt the future of franchising 

The challenge


FNB Business asked us to come up with an overarching concept for the Franchise Leadership Summit 2016, based on the theme of “Disruption”.


The event, hosted by FNB Business, brings together top business people, innovators, franchisors and franchisees from around the country in order to network and connect across the franchising industry.






  • Concept creation

  • Design/manufacturing

  • Copywriting

  • Design

  • Activation implementation



The approach


We identified the harmonograph as a tool to illustrate how disruption works within the franchising industry.


Each element of the machine could be seen to represent a specific aspect of a franchise business, from the lightness and agility of the arms to the adjustability of the weights to create each unique pattern.


The only problem was – we needed to find a harmonograph. As there were no harmonographs to be found that made use of a full 360° range of motion, there was only one thing for us to do:


Build one ourselves.



The impact


The machine, which measured at 4m x 4m, was set up outside the event venue where it garnered an immediate reaction from all attendees. Everyone wanted to take a turn in setting the machine in motion to create their own unique pattern.


A poster explaining the machine and its relation to the event was created, along with beautifully crafted stand-up banners, placed in such a way that they were “disrupted” unless viewed from a specific point. Each of the event speakers were given the opportunity to create their own pattern as a take-home, which was stamped with a custom-made Franchise Leadership Summit stamp and signed by them.


FNB Business were thrilled with the interaction and buzz created from the machine. Many of the speakers chose to reference it during their respective presentations, effectively threading its messaging throughout the event from start to finish.



A close-up of one of the towers
A view from the top
The only time the pen stands still
The team hard at work
Old faithful: our drill press
Designing the drawing arms
Working out the right angles
Final construction under way

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